Sunshine Mytutor-Online Tuition for CBSE/MATRIC all classes

Sunshine - MyTutor

“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you” – B.B. King.

In the light of the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing fear of sending children to schools, parents’ primary concern seems to be as to how to keep the children positively engaged and get their studies going. Well, online tutoring will be the apt solution to overcome this concern of the parents. A pocket school that is affordable, safe and compatible on all gadgets is probably the need of the hour.

Online learning will soon evolve into the most popular learning model globally. This online tutoring app enables students to learn at the comfort of their home, at their own preferred timings by experienced faculties. This methodology ensures that the students receive one-to-one focus. Lesson plans are tailor made based on a carefully crafted curriculum. The app works in close-knit with the parents, keeping them posted of the progress of their ward periodically.


Sunshine Education Academy was established in the year 2012. We provide “SMARTKIDZ - SKILL ELEVATOR PROGRAM” Which consists of SKILL LAB & STEM Education (Science, Technology - Engineering ( ROBOTICS ) & MATH LAB) which supports schools, parents & teachers in developing smart children.

We have come up with Sunshine-mytutor, online tuition classes by expert tutors. Online tuition's are conducted for students of CBSE, MATRIC,TNSB, IGCSE & IB. Study materials are prepared by experienced teachers, who authored TNSB and CBSE textbooks.

Online Tuition Features

One-to-One Focus

Student is under the direct supervision of the teacher. One-to-One focus on the student is possible.

Real-Time Sessions

Real-time sessions provide a virtual classroom ambience for the student. Unlike a recorded session, queries are answered instantly by the tutors.

Multi-level, Multiple Assessment

Student Assessment is done under the close supervision of Tutor, Student Counsellor and Student Education Manager. Re-tests are recommended if required.


Experienced tutors from around the globe, with a passion to impart knowledge are employed by us to teach the students. Credentials of the tutors are verified by us personally.

Question Banks & Worksheets

Question Banks are prepared by authors of NCERT textbooks. Printable practice worksheets are designed to instigate the interest quotient of the students and make learning a joyful experience.

Flexible Timing

Student has the option to pre-book his/her preferred timings for the online sessions. The student can thus carry his school in his pocket everywhere.

Periodic Progress Report

Periodic updates of the student’s progress is posted to the parents with guidelines for improvement. Parent-Student-Tutor trio works efficiently in improving the progress of the student.

Guidance to Complete School Assignments

Student can avail the guidance of the tutors to complete his school assignments. Completing assignments under the able guidance of experienced tutors boosts the confidence level of the student.


Under the able guidance of expert tutors, students get adroit training to prepare for JEE, IEEE and NEET entrance exams. Ample study materials and repeated mock tests increases the confidence level of students in attending such exams.